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Providing transition management during your organization’s pivotal periods

The transition between executive directorsófrom incumbent to newóis a pivotal juncture in the life of an organization. The director’s impact on strategy, programs and operationsóthe very future of the organizationócannot be overstated. Transition can be a time of great opportunity and of significant challenge. Planning for future executive leadership succession and managing the process of change is a leading responsibility of all boards and the primary focus of our work.

Ford Thompson provides transition management for nonprofits, their leaders, and boards including:

Executive Transition Planning and Management: If your organization is currently facing a leadership transition or if you expect to in the next few months, this is where we start. These services are designed to ensure:

  • Leadership/management stability during the transition period.
  • That the new executive possesses the skills and competencies to build on your organization’s past while moving into the future.
  • That the Board and the new executive both have a clear leadership agenda and social contract for working in tandem.
Interim Executive Director: Organizations sometimes find that they are not ready to hire a permanent executive director or hire a replacement immediately in the case of a vacated office.

Ford Thompson provides interim executive management and an optional internal audit of the fund raising function. The audit provides an evaluation and analysis of previous management and fund raising efforts within the organization. It reveals strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that will affect the organization in future. Audit results also provide insight concerning the candidate best suited for the organization’s success, which may differ greatly from the perceived need at the time of the executive’s departure.

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