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Strategic planning makes the difference

Strategic planning is a disciplined process designed to position an organization to achieve results which are aligned with its fundamental long-term purpose. Strategic planning must clearly define the mission of the organization and establish realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with the organization’s mission within a defined time frame and within the organization's parameters for implementation.

Ford Thompson Consulting can assist in designing and implementing a planning process to determine who should be included, what issues should be addressed, and what information to collect to ensure sound decision making. The role of a consultant is not to develop the strategic plan, but to act as advisor and facilitator in assisting those who will actually develop the plan. A consultant will bring to the process objectivity, organizational skills, and the ability to focus and facilitate the planning process. Your can increase your nonprofit’s credibility by developing a strategic plan that offers buy-in and transforms planning into action.

    A good plan can help you:
    • Define your organization's purpose and direction
    • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
    • Identify the greatest opportunities, prioritize projects and focus the appropriate resources to guarantee success
    • Establish goals capable of being achieved
    • Define tools for measuring progress
    • Attract new donors
    • Reduce crisis management
    Increasing Volunteer Effectiveness:
    • Best use of volunteers for the future
    • Develop a plan to recruit top people and make your board representative
    • Improve volunteer recruiting strategies
    • Clarify committee roles and responsibilities
    • Increased focus of volunteer training
    The planning process is important, but so, too, is the implementation strategy. Our goal is to assist you in making your plan a living, breathing tool to improve the performance of your organization.

    Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help your organization. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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