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Planning & Feasibility Studies: We’ll help make sure it makes sense!

Is your nonprofit considering a capital campaign to build a new facility, renovate a building, acquire land or purchase large pieces of equipment? Does your organization plan to embark on an endowment campaign? If so, you must do a feasibility study before you decide to launch the campaign.

Because it is essential for an organization to assess the likelihood of a proposed campaign’s success, a campaign feasibility study must be done to determines whether your organization should move forward with a capital or endowment fund-raising campaign. Failure to undertake a feasibility study can put the project for which the money is to be raised and even the organization itself at risk.

Why do a planning study?
  • To develop and test a case for support.
  • To create a recommended campaign plan.
  • To help you "take the pulse" of your community.
  • To determine whether you are likely to attain your goal.
  • To identify potential major donors to your campaign.
  • To recruit possible campaign leaders and volunteers.
  • To reveal community attitudes and awareness of your organization.
  • To evaluate your internal readiness to conduct a campaign.
Why use a consultant to do your planning study?
  • Community leaders will speak freely to an "outside" party.
  • A consultant will provide an objective view of your organization and your plans.
  • A consultant will draw on his or her experiences to evaluate your chances for a successful campaign.
  • The internal assessment can be done by an objective and experienced "outsider."
How long will it take to complete your planning study?
  • Generally, it will take several weeks to develop or refine your preliminary case for support and perform an internal assessment of your campaign readiness.
  • Depending on the number and location of interviewees, the interview process will take from four to eight weeks.
  • Preparation of the final report can usually be completed within two weeks.
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