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Newsletters - an essential component to Planned Giving success

An estate and financial planning newsletter is the foundation of a successful Planned Giving program. Not only does it advise existing donors about the benefits of giving, but it also helps create interest from potential donors in your database.

Most likely, your organization has a large investment in building your donor base. Because of the groundwork you have already laid we believe many nonprofit organizations are sitting on a goldmine of prospects that has not been mined up to this point.

    A goldmine? Consider this:
    • The average American household estate is valued at $590,000
    • The average charitable bequest is approximately $37,500
    • Direct mail campaigns often yield about $3 for every dollar invested
    • Effective planned giving campaigns yield up to $30 for every dollar invested
      A recent poll of US direct mail donors found the following:
      • 99% of donors are aware of planned giving
      • 42% of donors have a will
      • 18% of donors have named at least one charity in their will
      • 17% of donors are likely to name one in the next five years
      • More than 25% of donors have never been asked for a planned gift
      Given the demography of the U.S. population there’s no question that planned giving is a major course of action for future fundraising. Will your organization be a part of that process?

      The mailing of a planned giving newsletter on a regular basis (quarterly, semiannually, annually), is an excellent way to market planned giving opportunities your organization’s constituency. Each newsletter may focus on a specific planned gift opportunity and contain a story about a donor who has used that particular method in the past to benefit your organization.
        Once you have made a decision to start a planned giving newsletter, there are several options to consider:
        • Are we going to produce the newsletter in house, if so who is going to write it, what are we going to include in the newsletter, who will edit it for technical accuracy, two pages, four pages, two colors, four colors, etc.
        • Are we going to outsource writing and production to a local agency or a planned giving vendor?
        • Do we want to use a non-personalized newsletter, using only our name, logo and a brief description of our organization? Again the choice of two or four colors;
        • Custom options include your institution's logo and individualized message;
        • Your own photos, a choice of color and your name throughout;
        • Purchase the technical copy from a vendor and produce the newsletter locally;
        • Sign a long term contract with a planned giving newsletter vendor and agree to the topics that they select and the schedule they have decided works best for them.
        Obviously, creating the right planned giving newsletters can be time consuming, perplexing and expensive. The income it can generate for your cause is significant, but that doesn’t necessarily make the project any easier. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your own communications/marketing team on site, Ford Thompson can create an economical planned giving newsletter program for your organization.

        Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help your organization. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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