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Transform the fund raising culture of your organization

Understanding the need to concentrate on major gifts should be the number one strategy — and beyond — for every nonprofit organization. Ford Thompson can design a Major Gifts program that can have a transformational effect on the fund raising culture of your organizations.

Too often, overcoming inertia or an organization’s history of relying on the “safe,” smaller-scale approaches (e.g. special events, direct mail, annual fund) can be real obstacles to implementing a Major Gifts program. A Major Gifts program provides everyone – senior management, board leadership and loyal donors – with their own personal experience and first-hand proof, that seeking large gifts is not only possible but in many cases hugely invigorating.

    Develop Major Gifts Marketing Program – Ford Thompson provides the advice and counsel to create high visibility marketing opportunities to promote the unique assets of the organization's programs, while incorporating the need for private support.
    • The firm coordinates the design and production of materials. The institutional marketing plans we develop focus on creating appropriate opportunities around the organization's events, performances, seminars, national and international tours, education projects and promotional campaigns.
    • We also serve as facilitator in collaborations between nonprofits and corporations and businesses that are interested in exploring cooperative efforts with non-profit organizations.
    Prospect Identification and Cultivation Oversight – Ford Thompson initiates and provides oversight wealth identification analyses of your data base:
    • We facilitate a prospect ranking and rating system with executives, staff and knowledgeable board members
    • We bring experience to the table in discussions concerning the identification evaluation and solicitation of donor prospects and enlisting high-level leadership candidates.
    Moves Management – Ford Thompson will conduct a moves management study of your top 100 prospects:
    • The fundamental Moves Management system asserts that fundraisers need to manage a series of steps (moves) for each identified prospect. These steps, which vary depending on the individual prospect, will "move" from attention to interest to desire to give. The goal is to move the prospect to giving everything he or she can to your organization. This continual process encapsulates the giving cycle of every prospect.
    • Each "move" really represents a discrete contact with the prospect. Contacts include, but are not limited to, Email, phone calls, letters, faxes, face-to-face conversations, and planned events.
    Prospect Assignment and Solicitation – Ford Thompson will train board members, senior organizational management, volunteers and staff in major gift solicitation skills:
    • Once having identified major prospects, train solicitors to promote the benefit of the immediacy of major gifts.
    • We prepare prospective donor audiences for a receptive, affirmative response.
    • Each gift from an important donor is the result of a carefully individualized solicitation strategy.
    Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help your organization. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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