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Executive recruitment services for nonprofit leadership

Ford Thompson Consulting understands that strong leadership is essential for an organization to realize its competitive advantage. Therefore, we specialize in recruitment services for top-level fund raising executives.

Our professionals deliver leadership to positions in every sector of the nonprofit world, including education, social services, community organizations, environmental, healthcare, religion, and the arts. Our broad fund raising knowledge and expertise enables us to identify the top candidates whose strengths match the needs of our clients.

Recruiting high-quality executive and management staff can be a complex and time-consuming process. Intelligent hiring decisions will reduce staff turnover, thus lowering hiring costs and increasing productivity. Ford Thompson works with staff and board members to hire top executive directors, development directors, and management staff.

    We can help you:
    • Determine what skills and attributes you require in the position
    • Locate top-quality candidates
    • Draft and distribute job descriptions and advertisements
    • Review resumes and references
    • Assist with the interview process
    • Perform preliminary interview screening
    • Check references
    Ford Thompson provides your organization with a recruitment strategy that addresses the specific needs of the assignment and incorporates the best recruitment practices in a thorough and systematic fashion. We move quickly and maintain momentum. And, as the recruitment process reaches its conclusion, we remain closely involved to ensure the interests of all parties are satisfied.

    Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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