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Develop long-term security through an Endowment Program

Endowments provide a long-term, relatively secure resource for program and capital needs by building a deep pool of resources. They let you withstand times when the community has less discretionary income, as they build confidence in your responsible stewardship. We help you create, grow, maintain and manage your endowment programs - whether as part of our Major/Planned Giving Campaign or as a stand-alone program.

Ford Thompson Consulting provides insight into packaging and marketing of outright and deferred endowment gifts. This provides innovative options for donor direction and recognition while engaging your major/planned gift donors and those small-gift donors who have higher current or potential assets.

    Soliciting new Endowments can serve numerous purposes. Here are some ways that your organization could benefit from new endowment funds:
    • Financial stability. A healthy endowment dissipates insecurity and eases financial pressures.
    • Regular income. Through smart investing your endowment will provide reliable revenue for your programs or overhead.
    • Emergency funds. An endowment can serve as a safeguard against major disasters. However, it should not be considered as a tool to counterbalance bad financial management.
    • Future opportunities. Endowments - within the framework of spending policies - can provide funding for new ventures or sudden opportunities.
    • Generational equity. An endowment allows your organization to meet the needs of the future generations.
    • Donor opportunities. An endowment allows major donors to have a lasting impact.
    • Confidence builders. A strong endowment program builds donor confidence.
    A Final Word about Endowment Programs

    There is no such thing as the single right plan for developing an Endowment Program. What works for one institution may not work for another? Usually endowment gifts are usually included in a planned gifts arrangement, and are subject to the vagaries of tax law changes, the volatility of interest rates and the marketplace, and countless other changes. In brief, marketing endowments is a never-ending, ongoing process one that demands constant vigilance and fine-tuning. Let Ford Thompson assist you in starting or enhancing your current Endowment Program.

    Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help your organization. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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