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Focus your Annual Giving efforts

Building and protecting your annual-giving program is your focus, especially during a capital campaign. A strong annual-giving program provides an avenue for entry-level gifts and ongoing communication with current and prospective donors.

Annual-giving counsel focuses on strategies and tools that increase donors and dollars for ongoing operations and programming. Ford Thompson Consulting matches creative fund raising approaches with annual campaign goals and challenges as we bring the leveraged-leadership gift strategies of capital campaigns to annual-fund work.

We provide full, fresh, and innovative strategies for identifying donors and keeping them committed. We help plan strategies for starting, cultivating, and growing annual-giving programs that enable major gift fund raising and planned giving.

Whether you are a mature organization seeking to implement new strategies and evaluate their goals and objectives or a newer institution developing its first annual giving plan, Ford Thompson offers a wide range of options to help your campaigns flourish and succeed.

Please call us at 812-635-0311 to discuss your specific requirements and how Ford Thompson can help your organization. Prefer to communicate by e-mail? Please click here.

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